Ever Wanted To Know More About Us ?
All About Expediuz Information Services !

Expediuz Information Services Private Limited was originally a passionate project founded by Late Sir Dhritiman Basu in the early 2017's. The project aimed at offering passionate developers with Backend services at the lowest prices among all competitors. We understood that every person might have the wish to host his/her own app and make a successful project out of it. Thus, after a hundred days of consultation with the Indian Government and our Sales Department, we finally launched the project on the historic date of 26/05/2017.

Our primary mission thus lies to make Backend Services available to all with too much affordable prices, thus boosting people who are wrongly tagged as Backward classes, as the greatest future lies in their fists only!

Should you wish, then it will be our pleasure of you to take a closer look at our startup certificate!

We Have Something That Makes Us Stand Out!

We are strong believers of Deep Work! And it has been proven multiple times that Tech automations can't be more smarter than Human labour. So, what we do is that, we don't always rely on automating our Customer Services. We have our staffs sitting for you who individually handle all your given tasks. We thus aim at providing the best customer experience with 24x7 customer service system. The most amazing features of such an implementation are many:

1. There are staffs sitting for you who directly take your requests and process them manually.

2. You don't need to be a Tech Savvy to use our services. You get to directly talk to the person concerned with your project, who does his best to serve you with the best results ever possible! The user is thus relieved of any kind of headache.

3. The staffs also ensure the ultimate security encyrptions. Customers are provided with 3FA Encryption at no extra costs.

4. You get to talk to the Tech Professional concerned with your project 24x7 and he will answer you as soon as possible!

5. We have got some of the fastest workers round there. You get you job done within minutes and with no errors.

6. Our console is based on the same principle. I looks more or less like a chatbox, where you get access to your entire project and commands, which allows the Tech Professional, who has been assigned for your projects, understand your interests and act accordingly. Thus minimalistic commands would fetch you something incredible.

7. You also get access to live support in implementing our services in your code at no extra cost. A pretty much wholesome documentation also exists at your disposal, available round the clock!

From The Desk Of Directors !

Mr. Dhritiman Basu alias DMan, a young entrepreneur director of Expediuz Information Services Pvt Ltd. has left for his last journey on 14th October 2021.

We are proud of his entrepreneurship to be a part of Digital India Programme. But His sudden demise at the age of 32 has shattered us.

We have taken over the charge as Directors with an oath to fulfill his dreams of being a part of Digital India.

In this context, we retained our experienced professionals who will be always at your service as was given to you earlier. We value our long business mutual relationship. Looking forward for your valuable patronage in the years ahead as had been given to our predecessor.

With Thanks,
Sumita Basu & Chaitali Bardhan [Board Of Directors]